Our lab is located in a new interdisciplinary research facility:

Tufts Advanced Technologies Laboratory
200 Boston Avenue, Suite 2600
Medford, MA 02155
Office: 617-627-2291

We have a suite of high frequency test and measurement equipment, optical sources, detectors, modulators, and optical test benches.

DC and High Frequency Environment

  • Agilent 8510C Network Analyzer
  • Anritsu MP1800A 12.5Gb/s Signal Quality Analyzer
  • Agilent E4408B Spectrum Analyzer
  • RF Cascade Probe station for die level testing
  • Agilent High Bandwidth Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes 54855A DSO
  • Agilent High Speed Logic Analyzers 16702B
  • Agilent Arbitrary Function Generators 8648B
  • Agilent and Instek Precision power supplies and digital multimeters
  • Weller Soldering Workstation
  • ESD protected work-area

Optical Workbench for Testing and Characterization

  • 10Gb/s, 1550nm Electro-optic Absorption Modulator
  • Fiber Coupled Laser Source 1550nm, 1.5mW and Collimator
  • Fiber Coupled VCSEL 850nm, 0.5mW
  • Fabry-Perot Laser Diode and TEC Controller
  • Si and InGaAs photodetectors
  • Optical breadboard, posts, mounting bases, and lens mounts
  • Thorlabs Power Meter System with Ge Sensor
  • Thorlabs XYZ Translation Stage
  • Polarized HeNe Laser System

The facility is also home to a new Tufts Micro/Nanofabrication Facility for teaching and research activities.

map displaying the locations of the Advanced Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering