PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering PhD candidate using equipment

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a growing interdisciplinary department with a focus on research and education in a wide variety of sub-disciplines, ranging from image and signal processing to nanoscale engineering.

Doctoral candidates in Electrical and Computer Engineering are expected to plan a program of research under the direction of their advisor and with the guidance of a Research Committee (RC). Doctoral degrees require the fulfillment of the specific department requirements including the number of courses with grades of S (satisfactory) or at least a B-, as well as successful completion of the qualifying examination and doctoral dissertation.

Typical areas available for dissertations include solid-state materials with an emphasis on optoelectronic and solar energy applications, microwave devices and systems, microwave thermography, electromagnetics, antennas, plasma physics, small computers, microprocessor applications, computer architecture, multiprocessing, VLSI design, VLSI CAD, microelectronics, communications systems, information theory, signal processing, digital electronics, Fourier optics, coherence theory, image analysis, nonlinear optics, and circuit theory.