Certificate in Product Development and Design

The Certificate in Product Development and Design is for students and professionals who seek to solve complex problems from a holistic, design-oriented perspective. Whether you are an entrepreneur, administrator, civil servant, engineer, marketer, project manager, healthcare worker, educator, or advocate – this program will help you to discover solutions through the use of creativity, collaboration, and iterative design. Learn the fundamentals of design thinking and build solutions that have impact.

Who Should Apply?

Students and professionals from all backgrounds will benefit from learning how to listen, plan, do, and iterate. The iterative design process is universal, and students will graduate from this certificate program with the ability to view products, services, and society from a multifaceted perspective. The program is valuable to anyone who seeks a design-based approach to problem solving.  

Those that complete the certificate program will be well-positioned to support product development within their chosen field, be it consumer products and services, technology, healthcare, education, government, and more. The program also prepares those with STEM backgrounds for further study at Tufts School of Engineering. Credits earned during the certificate program may be eligible to transfer towards a master’s degree.

Students complete the certificate program on a part-time basis and the required courses are offered 100% online – ideal for students, working professionals, and career changers. Please contact Program Director and Professor of the Practice Ron Lasser if you have any questions.

Program of Study

The certificate requires six credits and all courses must be taken at the graduate level (courses numbered 100 or above). The curriculum is offered 100% online. To earn the certificate, students must choose and complete two of the courses listed below:

  • EE 181 - The Art of Product Design: Making an Impact
  • EE 182 - The Art of Product Design: Harnessing the Impact
  • EE 185 - Societal Aspects of Design: Integration, Innovation, and Impact

Graduate credits earned toward the certificate with a grade of B- or better may transfer towards an applicable master’s degree program within the School of Engineering.


Please visit the Graduate Programs website for information about current tuition rates.