Certificate in Computer Engineering

The department offers a program leading to a certificate in computer engineering jointly administered with the Department of Computer Science. Learn more about the program.

In the certificate program in computer engineering, students gain foundational knowledge in connected systems, networking applications, and computer architecture. Hone your skills in the analysis, design, and operation of computing devices and software, offered over fifteen credit hours.

Who should apply?

Academically talented, highly motivated adult students, with at least a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree (BS or BA) in any discipline with the appropriate mathematics and science background.

Program of study

The certificate requires 15 credit hours and all courses must be at the 100 level or above. At least five lecture-based courses must be taken from a published list of computer engineering core courses.

From these core courses, at least one course must be taken from each of the following three core areas

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Software/Systems

Both bridge courses (e.g. EE 200: A Machine-Centric Approach to Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, and EE 201: Fundamentals of Computer Systems and Engineering) may count as one of the five computer engineering core courses.


Please see the Graduate Programs website for information about current tuition rates.