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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Research Opportunities

Many faculty welcome the opportunity to have qualified undergraduates participate in their research. Depending on the circumstances, participation may range from the purely voluntary to paid summer programs. As part of the BSChE degree program, students may complete research during the academic year for elective course credit (i.e., ChBE 95). In addition, the Department sponsors a number of paid summer fellowships offered through both private endowments and the Tufts Summer Scholars program. Finally, highly qualified students may elect to complete an Honors Thesis, which typically involves both summer and academic year research efforts.

Irrespective of whether or not you ultimately pursue a research career, these experiences are excellent ways to learn more about your chosen field and to gain professional experience. Participation in extracurricular research will greatly enhance your professional profile to both future graduate programs and employers. The following is a listing of currently available undergraduate research project areas. Students are encouraged to review the listings and reference materials prior to scheduling a meeting with the associated faculty member. This listing will be updated regularly.