Vinny's One-Stop Shop

Our Vision

The Department of Mechanical Engineering wants to create innovative experiences for students that enable them to turn ideas into physical reality. To carry out this vision, we intend to reinvent a space in Bray Laboratories for students to gain the abilities and confidence for the modern practice of Mechanical Engineering. The new "One-Stop Shop" will focus on collaboration, project-based learning, and using industry standard manufacturing and instrumentation equipment.

We are proposing to name the space after Vincent J. Miraglia, a Tufts staff member who retired after nearly 40 years of service to the department. Vinny's passion has always been helping students, but he's also been the problem-solver of the department. He's the guy you go to when your computer dies, the lights go out, you need an oscilloscope, or you want an experiment to be set up (yesterday). The new One-Stop Shop will reflect Vinny's passions and demonstrate the contribution he's made to the Mechanical Engineering department.

Vinny's One-Stop Shop floorplan

The Plan

  • Collaboration Zone
    The focal point of the machine shop with tables, stools, hand tools, and dropdown outlets to promote student designing and building together.
  • Fabrication Zone
    Machines, power tools, and work surfaces for fabrication.
  • Precision Machine Zone
    Industry-standard computer controlled machinery to create complex and precise projects.

How You Can Help

We have broken down our requests into "Core" and "Dreams." The Core includes the physical things we require for the launch of an operational shop for the next three years. Our Dreams include the tools we could purchase as we continue to develop the shop. Once our goal is met for the Core, we will be able to purchase other tools to maximize the student experience in the space.

In order to operate the shop for the next three years, we are seeking philanthropic support of $500,000 to fund materials, tools and operations.

These tools and machines are part of our "wish list" of items we could purchase as the shop evolves.

Fundraising thermometer
Bray Help Dream tools