John Kreifeldt Excellence in Human Factors Award

Professor John Kreifeldt
Professor John Kreifeldt

Join us in establishing the inaugural John Kreifeldt Excellence in Human Factors Award, a permanent, annually-distributed prize that will recognize and award graduating students (undergraduate and graduate) in Human Factors Engineering or Engineering Psychology, who have made outstanding contributions in Human Factors research or design.

Along with Professor Phil Sampson of the Psychology Department, Professor John Kreifeldt created one of the first interdisciplinary programs in the country for what is now Human Factors. Professor Kreifeldt’s 30-year legacy at Tufts yielded generations of dedicated Human Factors and User Experience professionals, who have contributed to improving lives, products, systems, and processes. A major advocate of learning-by-doing, Professor Kreifeldt developed numerous product design courses at Tufts and worked tirelessly to identify and shape capstone projects for hundreds of students.

This new award will honor Professor Kreifeldt and his legendary contributions to a program that has grown to nearly 100 undergraduate and 50 graduate students enrolled and to a profession that has been shaped by generations of Tufts alumni/ae.

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