Thermo-Fluid Systems

Much of our research examines the world of liquids and gasses. In one lab, we seek to understand how bacteria propel themselves through microscopic channels filled with water. In another, we are improving the ability to move heat away from computer chips by mimicking how water rolls off a lotus leaf. In a third lab, we are modeling how blood flows through our body, and in a fourth, we use fluids as a novel way of converting energy into different forms for more effective energy storage.

  • Luisa Chiesa - Sustainable Energy, Superconducting Materials, Cryogenics
  • Jeffrey S. Guasto - Micro-scale Fluid Mechanics and Transport, Cell Locomotion, Microfluidics
  • Marc Hodes - Apparent Slip, Mass Transfer in Supercritical Fluids, Thermal Management of Electronics
  • Erica Kemmerling - Fluid mechanics and heat transfer in the human body
  • Vincent Manno - Thermal-fluid Phenomena, Power Generation Systems
  • Douglas Matson - Solidification Processes, Thermal Manufacturing
  • Chris Rogers - Turbulence, Acoustics, Engineering Education
  • Igor Sokolov - Sustainable Energy, Heat Transfer at the Nanoscale, Composite Materials for Advanced Lubrication
  • Deborah Sunter - Computational Modeling, Energy Policy