The Tufts Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. In addition, the Department of Mechanical Engineering participates in two interdisciplinary Joint-PhD programs: One in Materials Science and Engineering and one in Human-Robot Interaction.

In general, the PhD program is for full-time students only, and any deviation from this policy must be approved by vote of the department faculty. Tuition scholarships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships are only available, on a competitive basis, to full-time PhD candidates.

Upon matriculation, graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor who provides advice about registration for courses and program requirements. For PhD students, as progress is made on the degree, suitable thesis topics are discussed between the student and department faculty members. The selection of a thesis advisor should be completed by the end of the second term of full-time study. This advisor then assumes all advising duties for the student. After selecting a thesis topic and an advisor, students in the PhD program must register for thesis credit, normally beginning in the third term of full-time study. For the PhD, a thesis prospectus describing the proposed project must be submitted by the end of the third term, and before the formal thesis proposal defense (see respective program descriptions for more detail).

The interaction between the graduate student and a faculty member is one of the most significant aspects of a graduate student's time at Tufts. PhD students also have a thesis committee that works with the thesis advisor to ensure success. PhD students must successfully complete the PhD qualifying exams before the end of the first year in the program, prior to initiating their research. All candidates for the PhD degree must defend their thesis in an oral examination in an open forum.

Doctoral degrees require the fulfillment of the specific department requirements including the number of courses with grades of S (satisfactory) or at least a B-, as well as successful completion of the qualifying examination and doctoral dissertation.

All Mechanical Engineering graduate students should also obtain a copy of the current Graduate Student Handbook and the University Bulletin for general University requirements and deadlines. In addition, all courses and descriptions can be found on SIS. All graduate students receive an email account and shared mailbox space in the Mechanical Engineering Main Office.

Students are responsible for checking their mailbox and email regularly, as well as the Department website to remain up-to-date on department and university matters, and for informing the department of any changes of local address or phone number.

For further information, please contact:

Marc Hodes
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Program Director