ME Elective Course Descriptions

The following are course listings and course descriptions for Mechanical Engineering electives, for Spring 2024.

  • Instructor: Daniela Faas

    Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 - 11:45 AM

    Description: Explore design thinking through a series of practical design challenges 

  • Instructor: Erica Kemmerling

    Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 12 - 1:15 PM

    Description:  Explore the fundamentals of compressible flow and turbulence. Prerequisites: introductory fluid mechanics, introductory thermodynamics, multivariable calculus, ordinary differential equations.

  • Instructors: Mark Kachanov

    Schedule: Monday & Wednesday 1:30 - 2:45 PM

    Description: The course is a hands-on experience, with active participation of each student. It consists of two parts:

    1. Writing up a paper or project report
    2. Making a presentation at a conference or company