Minor in Human Factors Engineering

A minor in Human Factors Engineering is intended for students in the School of Engineering who are interested in the field but are already too far along in their academic careers to switch majors, or for those who are simply interested in gaining a basic understanding of human factors engineering.

The minor in Human Factors Engineering is an interdisciplinary program which allows students from the School of Engineering to gain some insight into the field. The focus of the minor is on the inter-relationship between human and technology, from a human-centered perspective.

A total of five courses are required in order to complete the minor program:

  • ENP-0064 Methods for Human Factors Engineering (3 credits)
  • PSY-0053 Engineering Psychology (3 credits)
  • ENP-0161 Human Factors in Product Design (3 credits)
  • One internship or research course from the options below
    • PSY-0099 Internship (3 credits)
    • ENP-0099 Internship in Engineering Psychology (3 credits)
    • ME-0099 Internship in Mechanical Engineering (3 credits)
    • PSY-0091 Research in Psychology (3 credits)
    • ME-0094 Undergraduate Research (3 credits)
  • One statistics course from the options below
    • PSY-0031 Statistics for Behavioral Science (5 credits)
    • ES-0056 Probability & Statistics (4 credits)
    • EC-0013 Statistics (4 credits)
    • BIO-0132 Biostatistics (4 credits)

Please consult the Minor Checklist for more information.