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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Human Factors Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Education Program

The human factors engineering and mechanical engineering programs, in collaboration with the School of Engineering, offers a cooperative education model for students in the undergraduate program.

The program, which will focus on providing on-the-job experiences for undergraduates interested in learning more about career opportunities in human factors engineering and mechanical engineering, creates opportunities for students to network with and learn new skills from professionals working in various related fields.

Co-op students complete a preliminary course (ES-0085) before beginning their off-campus work in basic employment competencies, which include information related to professionalism, business etiquette, and ethics in the workplace, basic resume and interviewing skills, and other job skills related to working in an engineering-based position.

Students are available in January to start working with companies interested in hosting them for a 6-month long cooperative education experience. Co-op terms typically run January 1-June 30 and July 1-December 31, annually.


  • Eligibility: HFE or ME majors, with sophomore or higher standing, GPA >2.8
  • Required prerequisite course: ES85: Professional Preparation for Cooperative Education, before any co-op placement.

Application process

  1. Meet with a faculty advisor (Associate Professor Behrouz Abedian) to discuss the application process.
  2. Students apply for one of four possible cycles (2 cycles in junior year, 2 cycles in senior year), both years run July to December, or January to June. Students can also apply for the 2 cycles if they choose a five-year program.
  3. Students apply for co-op positions through Handshake.
  4. The employer will screen resumes and contact students for interviews.
  5. The employer decides on a co-op hire.
  6. Both employer and student sign the employment agreement and other forms.
  7. Co-op advisor or coordinator tracks students and sites during interview process and during co-op


To recruit Tufts talent, contact Saqi Mehta.

For more information on the Tufts Human Factors Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Co-op Program, contact Associate Professor Behrouz Abedian.

For logistics information on co-op placement, contact Tufts Student Services.

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