Erica Kemmerling

Erica Kemmerling

(617) 627-7950
212 College Avenue, Room 172
Research/Areas of Interest:

Fluid mechanics, flow in the human body, hemodynamics, aneurysms, heart development, flow in tumors, cardiac assist devices


  • Ph.D., Stanford University, United States, 2013
  • M.S., Stanford University, Stanford, United States, 2010
  • B.S., Stanford University, Stanford, United States, 2008


Erica Kemmerling holds a B.S. in physics and an M.S. and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. Her graduate work focused on the dynamics of magnetic particles moving through the bloodstream for applications in magnetic drug targeting. Her postdoctoral work at Stanford University School of Medicine involved developing a medical imaging system for a new radiation therapy device that will deliver treatment in about 1/100 of the time required for current systems.

Erica Kemmerling's research addresses problems at the intersection of mechanical engineering and medicine, focusing on fluid flow and heat transfer in the human body. Her current work uses simulations and experiments to develop realistic models of the circulatory and respiratory systems. This research has three main goals: (1) Provide information to doctors that will help them diagnose and treat patients suffering from cardiovascular and respiratory disease; (2) develop and test new and/or risky medical techniques in a realistic in vitro environment before they are tested on patients; and (3) promote dialogue between the medical and engineering communities to ensure that medical engineering research remains clinically relevant.

The Kemmerling group collaborates with doctors at the Tufts Medical Center to ensure that each research project will yield results that can be directly used by the medical community.