Bioengineering (Biomechanical Systems and Devices track)

The School of Engineering offers an cross-departmental, interdisciplinary bioengineering program that provides a broad engineering and biotechnology curriculum, while offering a focus on a specific engineering track that best fits students' interests and career choices.

This combination gives our bioengineering graduates professional flexibility, a distinct competitive advantage in the ever-changing field of bioengineering.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering administers the Biomechanical Systems and Devices track of the Bioengineering MS degree program. Within this track, areas of study include the mechanics of hard and soft tissues, human biomechanics, dynamics of human-machine interaction, and the design of assistive technology and medical devices. Students develop a foundation with core courses in thermal-fluid processes, mechanics and materials, or dynamic/robotic systems, and specialize in a particular area of study through the appropriate selection of elective courses.

For more information, visit the Bioengineering Program website.