Mission statement

The mission of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is to educate civil and environmental engineering students to become leaders in the solution of the important societal problems of the twenty-first century. Technically rigorous and broad in scope, our programs focus on the interactions between the natural and built environments. CEE programs make extensive use of information technology for managing complex systems and for integrating the teaching, research, and design components of engineering education. Our program breadth includes linkages between engineering disciplines such as environmental, geosystems, and chemical engineering, as well as interdisciplinary studies in areas like architecture, earth and ocean sciences, chemistry, and environmental policy.

The department's strategic goals, ordered by priority:

  1. To provide technically rigorous yet broad undergraduate programs in civil and environmental engineering and related fields.
    • BSCE ABET-accredited program:
      Technical focus: environmental, geosystems, structural, and water resources options.
    • BSEVE ABET-accredited program:
      Technical focus: contaminant fate, transport and treatment in water, air, and soil; public health engineering; hydraulics, hydrology and water resources.
    • Complementary non-ABET-accredited programs (BSE/minors):
      Subject areas: architectural studies, environmental health.
  2. To provide technically rigorous yet broad graduate programs in specific areas of civil engineering and related field.
    • Professional MS programs
    • Multidisciplinary MS programs
    • PhD programs
    • Continuing education
  3. To undertake focused, student-centered research programs in selected areas of civil engineering and related fields.
    • Collaborative research
    • Individual research