Current Students

Undergraduate program

The department offers undergraduate degrees in Civil Engineering (BSCE) and Environmental Engineering (BSEVE), as well as degrees that focus on the interdisciplinary topics of Architectural Engineering (BSAS) and Environmental Health (BSEH).

MS and Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program

The department offers five MS degrees. In addition, the School of Engineering offers exceptional Tufts undergraduate students the option of pursuing the Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program (BS/MS) as a thesis or non-thesis program.

PhD programs

The PhD is the highest level of study and requires a serious commitment. Graduates of the doctoral program are well positioned for careers in academia, industry, government and consulting. Students who have excellent academic backgrounds and demonstrated capability for independent study/research are encouraged to apply to the doctoral program.


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers certificates in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Environmental Management, and a post-baccalaureate in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering. Prepare to attend graduate school or improve your knowledge to join the workforce.