Health and environment

Silhouette of a woman looking in a microscope.

Tufts Civil and Environmental EngineeringĀ is working to better understand and manage the linkages between the environment and health. How do we maintain clean air, water, and soil and limit the negative health impacts when harmful agents enter into the natural environment?

Solutions are identified and implemented through the practice of engineering design by leveraging primary prevention and risk management programs. These points of leverage are not commonly found in engineering schools. Tufts civil and environmental engineers are unique in their focus on working to limit health impacts both to humans and the environment.


Water and Environmental Research, Education, and Actionable Solutions Network (WeREASoN)

Water, Systems, Science and Society (WSSS)

Initiative for the Forecasting and Modeling of Infectious Diseases (InForMID)

Tufts Advanced Geomaterials Laboratory