Resilient systems

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Tufts CEE is designing, building, and managing resilient systems found at the intersection of the natural and built environments. Resilient natural systems protect society and population health through the preservation of resources and by maintaining clean air, water, soil, and food chains. 

Resilient built systems are able to resist environmental changes due to climate change and natural hazards for  the health and well-being of society. The design of resilient systems in these contexts require an understanding of fundamental system component properties, their interactions, and the ability to simulate increasingly uncertain future scenarios. CEE is helping prepare society for the future.


Water and Environmental Research, Education, and Actionable Solutions Network (WeREASoN)

Water, Systems, Science and Society (WSSS)

Initiative for the Forecasting and Modeling of Infectious Diseases (InForMID)

Geohazards Research

Mechanics of Soft Materials Laboratory (MSML)

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Tufts Advanced Geomaterials Laboratory