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Academic Progress

The Arts, Sciences and Engineering Graduate Student Handbook describes the following policy regarding academic progress. It is expected that a student will complete all courses taken for credit with the grade of B- or better. Courses for which a student receives a grade of less than B- may be retaken only once. The original grade earned remains in the student's record and the new grade is entered in the appropriate semester. Courses for degree or certificate credit may not be taken or transferred as Pass/Fail.

The following outlines the process for assessing academic progress:

  1. The Graduate Coordinator in Civil and Environmental Engineering office will review all graduate student transcripts for grades of B- or lower at the end of each term. Any grades of B- or lower will be reported to research/academic/teaching advisors with a copy to Chair of the Graduate Program Committee.
  2. When a graduate student receives one B- or lower, he or she will receive a letter from the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee reminding them of the academic performance policy for graduate students. Expectation for maintaining good academic standing is that graduate students do not receive more than one grade lower than a B-.
  3. If a student receives two or more grades lower than B-, the transcript will be forwarded to Dean of Graduate Education for the School of Engineering for administrative withdrawal from the program. Only the Dean of Graduate Education may administratively withdraw an enrolled graduate student.

Dismissal from the University can occur for the following reasons:

  • Academic dishonesty (read more about Tufts' policy for academic integrity)
  • Evidence that degree requirements will not be met within stated time limits
  • Two or more grades below B-

In general, all credits to be counted toward a master's degree must be earned with five calendar years and all credits to be counted toward a doctoral degree must be earned within seven calendar years. Exceptions to this time frame include extensions, leave of absences, and reinstatements. Students who require an exception are advised to consult the Arts, Sciences and Engineering Graduate Student Handbook for more information.