Certificate in Environmental Management

The Environmental Management certificate program provides students with the tools and techniques they need to understand the complex issues of future environmental management. The program blends courses in fundamentals such as regulations and compliance issues, with leading edge concepts in life-cycle analysis, risk management, and remediation technologies. Students must complete five courses, including one course in each of three focus areas: environmental engineering and technology, environmental health, and policy. The two remaining courses can be selected from any of the focus areas.

Program of Study

Certificate students must complete five graduate course credits from the clusters listed below. Students must take at least one course from each cluster.

Environmental Technology

  • CEE 113 Groundwater Hydrology (4 credits)
  • CEE 136 Air Pollution Control (3 credits)
  • CEE 138 Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies (3 credits)
  • CEE 139 Bioremediation: Natural and Enhanced (3 credits)
  • CEE 143 Site Remediation (3 credits)
  • CEE 187 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (4 credits)
  • CEE 202 Environmental Statistics (3 credits)

Environmental Law, Management, and Policy

  • CEE 201 Land Use Planning II (3 credits)
  • CEE 207 Environmental Law (3 credits)
  • CEE 265 Corporate Management of Environmental Issues (3 credits)

Health, Safety, and the Environment

  • CEE 150 Field Methods for Global Health (3 credits)
  • CEE 153 Health Effects and Risk Assessment (3 credits)
  • CEE 154 Principles of Epidemiology (3 credits)
  • CEE 155 Epidemiological Methods (3 credits)
  • CEE 157 Environmental Toxicology (3 credits)
  • CEE 158 Occupational and Environmental Health (3 credits)

(Students may substitute other Tufts graduate courses, subject to the approval of the certificate faculty advisor.)

This certificate is offered in collaboration with the Tufts Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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