MS and combined degree program

Master's students conversing

The graduate program outcomes for the MS programs in Civil and Environmental Engineering are:

  • An ability to apply knowledge of technical skills when working in one of the tracks (applied data science, environmental health, environmental engineering and water resources, geosystems engineering, offshore wind energy, and structural engineering.
  • Written and verbal communication of research and technical results.

Master's degrees require a minimum of 30 SHUs and the fulfillment of at least 10 courses at the 100-level or above with grades of S (satisfactory) or at least a B-.

The department offers the following MS degrees:

The School of Engineering offers exceptional Tufts undergraduate students the option of pursuing a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree (BS/MS) as a thesis or non-thesis program. Tufts undergraduates:

  • Are not required to pay the application fee.
  • Are only required to submit 2 letters of recommendation
  • Are not required to submit GRE scores.