Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Program in Environmental Health

Program Director: Associate Professor Andrew Ramsburg

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a BSE program in environmental health. This course of study is particularly appropriate for students wishing to pursue a professional career involved in public health, the health sciences, and such activities as risk assessment and regulatory affairs.

Historically, programs in environmental health were established to promote research on the control of infectious disease, the purification of water supplies, and the sanitary disposal of human waste. Today, focal points of concern have been broadened to such challenging issues as non-point source environmental pollution, the influence of the built environment on the health of populations, epidemiological aspects of chronic illnesses, occupational health, risk assessment and risk management.

The specific requirements for the BSE degree in Environmental Health are developed on an individual basis with your advisor but are based on the general 38-course distribution for engineers as specified in the bulletin of Tufts University.