Architectural Engineering

Minor in Architectural Engineering

The architectural engineering minor is intended to equip the student with the engineering and technological knowledge required for collaborations between engineers and architects for designing the built environment. Course requirements for the Architectural Engineering Minor have prerequisites of MATH 32 and PHY 11.

(NOTE: This minor is offered to students in the School of Arts & Sciences.)

Architectural Engineering Minor Requirements (5 courses):

  • ES 5 Introduction to Mechanics: Statistics and Dynamics 
  • ES 9 Applied Mechanics (Strength of Materials)
  • ES 18 Computer Aided Design w/ Lab
  • Elective course—see approved list below
  • Elective course—see approved list below

Approved Electives for Architectural Engineering Minor:

  • ES 2 Intro. Computing in Engineering or CS 11 Intro. Computer Science
  • CEE 22 Structural Analysis
  • CEE 24 Steel Design
  • CEE 25 Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CEE 32 Engineering for a Sustainable and Resilient Society
  • CEE 42 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
  • ENP 53 Engineering Psychology
  • ENP 64 Methods for Human Factors Engineering
  • ENP 114 Ergonomics in Design
  • EM 51 Engineering Management
  • EM 52 Technical & Managerial Communications
  • EM 54 Engineering Leadership
  • ES 60 Appropriate Technology in Sustainable Engineering
  • TPS 64 Sound Design and Engineering
  • UEP 11 Intro to Urban Studies
  • Other relevant courses with approval of Professor Sanayei