Study Abroad

Student walking through a market abroad

Civil and Environmental Engineering students are fully encouraged to pursue their interest in study abroad. All of our undergraduate degree programs can be completed with a one or two term study abroad experience. Students interested in going abroad should talk with their program director early on in the planning process (i.e., as soon as the interest in going abroad is identified). The program director can help you plan for your term(s) abroad. Students can learn more about the available programs as well as the application process from the Tufts Study Abroad office.

Civil and Environmental Engineering students have recently gone abroad to Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Ghana, Australia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Profile: Santiago Ossa, Environmental Engineering Major with Geology Minor

Location: University of Auckland, New Zealand (via Arcadia Study Abroad Program)
Course Work: Hydraulic Engineering, Dynamics of Coastal Systems, Dynamic Earth, Kapa Haka
On the Experience: "Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have made while at Tufts! New Zealand is a beautiful country with adventure waiting to happen around every corner!"