Neelakshi Hudda

Neelakshi Hudda

200 College Avenue
Research/Areas of Interest:

urban air population, transportation emissions


Dr. Hudda's main area of research is urban air pollution with a particular focus on transportation emissions. She has been investigating ambient air pollution, indoor intrusion in various microenvironments, and mitigation strategies for over 12 years.

She received her MS and Ph.D in Environmental Engineering from University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles and B. Tech. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from IIT-BHU, India. At USC, her graduate work developed a model for predicting in-vehicle exposures to on-road pollutants and she was involved in or lead studies on instrumentation development, ambient and on-road monitoring, impacts of soundwalls on highway pollution and vehicle emission factors.

Before entering her current role as faculty at Tufts University in 2017, she worked as a post-doc at USC and Tufts researching the impacts of aviation emissions on ground-level air quality and published the seminal work on the long spatial range of downwind impacts of aviation emission on ultrafine particles in Los Angeles and Boston.

In her current role at Tufts, she leads the ambient, indoor and mobile monitoring activities for various federal grants and consulting works with city governments and community organizations