MS in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering

Bridget Moynihan, E21, sits at a picnic table and looks at a computer screen with Professor of the Practice Eric Hines while Professor Babak Moaveni sits on the other side of the picnic table looking at a book.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a Master of Science degree in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering that can be completed on a full-time or part-time schedule. This program offers graduate-level education in offshore wind engineering, policy, and project management training for students seeking jobs in the emerging global offshore wind energy industry. Students in the Offshore Wind Energy Engineering master's program receive world-class training in wind policy, technical applications, and project management to prepare them for jobs in global industry, academia, and the public sector. 

Offshore wind energy plays a critical role in the world's transition to an electricity-based, clean energy economy. Standing at the intersection of infrastructure, manufacturing, and ocean science, offshore wind engineers work effectively with a wide range of partners to deliver technical excellence in the context of evolving markets, policies, and regulations.

As the wind energy industry continues to rapidly grow, your career possibilities as an offshore wind energy engineer will grow with it. Renewable energy is a key piece of the "green economy" puzzle—and wind power (which provides thousands of jobs in the United States every year) is the fastest growing sector in renewable energy.

Our faculty offer perspectives rooted in research and industry experience, so you'll graduate from the program with the skills needed to make an impact in the field.