PhD in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering

The PhD in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering is the highest level of study and requires a serious commitment. Students who have excellent academic backgrounds and demonstrated capability for independent study/research are encouraged to apply to the doctoral program. Students entering the doctoral program are expected to meet the general admission requirements of the graduate school; gain acceptance into the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; and hold a bachelor's or master's degree in engineering or a related field.

The program provides interdisciplinary training in offshore wind engineering, transmission infrastructure, maritime studies, ocean resource characterization, and environmental permitting. Students receive world-class training in wind policy, technical applications, and project management to prepare them for jobs in global industry, academia, and the public sector.

Potential research areas include:

  • Infrastructure and transmission
  • Site characterization and permitting
  • Foundation design and monitoring

Program requirements are similar to those outlined for PhD studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Courses may be selected from the Offshore Wind Energy Engineering MS curriculum chosen in consultation with the program advisor.