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School of Engineering

Thank You to our FY18 Donors

Celebrating the far-reaching impact of your generosity

Greetings from the School of Engineering

Dean, Jianmin Qu

The SOE's exceptional education and innovative programming is preparing the next generation of engineering leaders for global impact. I am pleased to take this time to pause and reflect on our continued success, which is in large part thanks to your philanthropic support.
The 2018-2019 academic year is already a record-breaking year for the SOE. We welcomed our largest ever first-year class of 250 students with a record high of 49% female students. We also welcomed seven new faculty members and are on track to surpass the last record high for research expenditures.  
Our reputation as a renowned engineering school continues to grow, with a record number of applicants and students in both our undergraduate and graduate programs. The SOE has developed new graduate degree programs and enhanced our undergraduate curriculum in response to industry needs and the desire to create principled and innovative leaders empowered to address the most challenging societal needs.
These accomplishments are made possible by your generosity and we are honored to be able to celebrate all 3,553 incredible gifts made to the SOE last year. Thank you for your continued support, which is changing the face of engineering at Tufts.

Sincerely,Dean QuJianmin Qu

Karol Family Professor
Dean, Tufts University School of Engineering

Made Possible by You

		  Class of 2022 by the Numbers

Financial aid: 47% receive scholarship support
49% are female engineers
$45k: The average financial aid awarded to a 1st year SOE undergraduate
62% attend public high school

2017/18 Giving by the Numbers
We received $13,340,726 in total gifts in 2018, more than 168% of SOE goal
Engineering alumni donors to Tufts Fund

Engineering Alumni Donors to Tufts Fund (bar graph):
Highest: 2018 (about 1,950)
Second Highest: 2017 (about 1,800)
Third Highest: 2016 (about 1,700)
Fourth Highest: 2015 (about 1,600)

Gifts By Purpose (pie chart):
Teaching and Research (about 33%)
Financial Aid and Other (each about 25%)
Unrestricted (about 17%)

3,553 donors total  

Showcasing our Donors

Thank you for your generous support of the School of Engineering. Please visit our searchable donor listing to find your name and those of other supporters!

A screenshot of an interactive page that allows searching through a list of donor names


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Thank You from SOE Students


Jeremy SuJeremy Su, E19

"I am a Computer Science major in the School of Engineering at Tufts, and plan to pursue a career in Software Engineering. The need to get a website running or making software to complement the workflow of a business spans to many other fields nowadays. I feel like I’m at the forefront of technology advancement, which is really cool and inspiring. What I learned at Tufts has really been extraordinary. The financial assistance I received will allow me to continue exploring these opportunities that Tufts has to offer, and I will work my hardest to give back for future students in similar situations that I am in."

Caitlin DuffyCaitlin Duffy, E18

"My time at Tufts has provided me with many opportunities and resources for which I am thankful; of these, the most enriching was the research that I was able to complete as a result of my scholarship. I worked with Tufts Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS), as well as the Tufts University Police Department, to sample from almost 200 water outlets around Tufts. I analyzed these samples for their lead content and reported my findings to EHS. I was able to learn not only the lab science behind lead control but also about risk communication. Having real-world experience in these areas has helped me realize that the career I would like to pursue is environmental epidemiology, and the overall education I’ve received at Tufts has prepared me to confidently move forward in this field."

Martin MajkutMartin Majkut, E19

"Your gracious support is helping me, a first-generation college student, challenge myself academically by pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. Your support has also given me the opportunity to gain invaluable skills and networking opportunities through the engineering societies and clubs I have joined. Your support has also allowed me to give back to my local communities, both in my hometown and around Tufts. Most importantly, however, your support is allowing me to show my parents that the challenges and sacrifices they made by immigrating here from Poland are meaningful and invaluable. I cannot thank you enough."

Sarah PerkinsSarah Perkins, E19

"I am originally from Oregon, and first became interested in chemical engineering through a summer internship in high school. I knew I wanted to attend a college with a top engineering school; therefore, I chose to move across the country to Tufts. No one in my family had ever attended a non-state school, so financial aid was a top factor when deciding between different college offers. I loved that Tufts was close to Boston, had small class sizes, and had an excellent chemical engineering program. With the help of my education at Tufts, I have worked at two different summer internships in the field of pharmaceuticals. This past summer, I worked at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston as part of the formulation team. I thoroughly enjoy pursuing chemical engineering at Tufts. Later in my career, I would also like to help students achieve their desired educations without financial constraints."

Thank you again for all you’ve made possible at the School of Engineering and beyond its walls!