Tufts' engineering programs challenge the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines, research, and the roles of engineers in our increasingly interconnected global community. Every day, Tufts researchers are developing new tools to improve medical diagnosis and treatment; novel materials for a greener future; smarter, more powerful computers; and innovative ways to educate the engineers of tomorrow. Tufts combines the atmosphere of a liberal arts college with the state-of-the-art technological resources of a research institution. A low student-to-faculty ratio, world-class researchers, collaborative laboratory facilities, and industry partnerships equip Tufts engineering students with the skills to excel in their chosen specialties and improve people's lives through a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence.

MS Programs

At Tufts School of Engineering, students in our master of science programs can earn their degrees in one year. Students may also choose to conduct research leading to a master's thesis. In addition, Tufts Engineering's master's programs offer professional education courses through the award-winning Tufts Gordon Institute. These courses prepare our students for demanding management roles in the technology realm. Unlike most management education courses, these courses are designed in collaboration with education, management, and industry experts to equip engineers, technologists, and scientists for the volatile global marketplace. Tufts Gordon Institute also offers a Master of Science in Engineering Management, Master of Science in Technology Management and Leadership, and a Master of Science in Innovation and Management. Start your application today!

Graduate Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program

Gain up to six months of full-time work experience, build your resume, and develop a competitive advantage for post-graduation employment through the School of Engineering’s Graduate Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program.

The SOE Co-Op Program offers engineering master’s students a unique opportunity to apply the theoretical principles they have learned in their coursework to real-world engineering projects. Get a sense of a company's culture and work environment, learn to interact with other colleagues in the field, and leverage your academic strength towards career advancement. Learn more about the Co-Op Program.

Alumni Scholarships for MS Programs

Return to Tufts School of Engineering and earn your MS degree at a reduced tuition rate. Alumni are eligible for double and triple jumbo scholarships with benefits that include:

  • up to a 20% per credit discount on tuition
  • waived graduate application fees
  • waived GRE scores
  • only submitting 2 letters of recommendation

Learn more about the new alumni scholarships and start your application today!

PhD Programs

Each of Tufts Engineering's six departments offers PhD programs with a wide range of research areas and specializations. Tufts Engineering also offers unique, interdisciplinary degrees in Cognitive Science, Human-Robot Interaction, and Materials Science and Engineering. Through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Tufts also offers a PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education. Full list of MS and PhD programs.


Institutes and Centers with Graduate Programs

Graduate Brochure

School of Engineering Graduate Programs Brochure

Master's and doctoral programs in six academic departments, as well as MS degrees in engineering management and innovation offered through Tufts Gordon Institute, give engineering students the right mix of specialization and interdisciplinary exploration.
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