Research Core Facilities

3D fluorescence image of murine fetal cortical neurons (red) and astrocytes (green) co-cultured in a silk scaffold. Image taken in Tufts Advanced Microscopic Imaging Center. (O. Lyaudanskaya)

Tufts University’s School of Engineering houses state-of-the-art research facilities offering sophisticated instrumentation, experimental services, and expert consultation to investigators and other scientific experts both locally and nationally. We are pleased to offer the following facilities for your consideration:

Advanced Microscopic Imaging Center
The Tufts Advanced Microscopic Imaging Center (TAMIC) offers a wide array of optical and spectral quantitative imaging techniques, for the chemical and structural characterization of materials at submicron scales. Laser excitation and photodetection schemes are optimized for label-free functional imaging of live cells and tissues. 

Epitaxial Facility and Materials Characterization Lab
The Tufts Epitaxial Core (TEC) Facility offers advanced molecular beam epitaxy capability for growth of epitaxial semiconductor film structures. The TEC Facility suite also houses the Materials Characterization Laboratory service center, offering instruments for optical and materials characterization and student-focused semiconductor device fabrication equipment.

Micro Characterization Facility
The Tufts Materials Characterization Facility offers material characterization at the nano and micro scales, such as chemical composition, mechanical properties, surface imaging, and fluorescent properties. The characterization is done using a state-of-the-art integrated confocal Raman-AFM-SNOM-TERS-Lifetime (FLIM) system by WITec Instruments Corp. (Alpha 300R+ Raman system) and iNano Nanoindenter by Micromechanics.

Micro- and Nano-Fabrication Facility
The Tufts Micro and Nano Fabrication Facility is a Class 1000 cleanroom providing micro and nano fabrication and metrology capabilities. The lab offers contact photolithography capabilities, ebeam lithography, PVD thin film deposition, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP), Parylene coating, O2/SF6/CF4 plasma processing, dicing, wirebonding, and a variety of wet chemical processing capabilities, in addition to numerous metrology services.

Scanning Electron Microscope
More information coming soon.