Mission and Vision

At the core of An Engine for Good are the school’s mission, vision, and guiding themes.

Our two-fold mission:

  • To educate students committed to the innovative and ethical application of science and technology, and empower them to address the most pressing societal needs
  • To employ research to advance scientific and engineering knowledge and discover, develop, and disseminate new technologies and innovations that can enhance the well-being and sustainability of society

Our three-faceted vision:

Tufts School of Engineering is an academic community where

  • Students prepare themselves to be well-rounded professionals, responsible leaders, and lifelong learners through a rigorous engineering education enhanced by interdisciplinary connections in arts, humanities, and science
  • Faculty members strive to develop the next generation of engineers; and seek, through research, to create knowledge and technology for the benefit of the planet and its population
  • Diversity and inclusion are embraced to empower all students, faculty, and staff to succeed in their academic and professional endeavors

Our guiding themes:

  1. Building Community
  2. Innovating Undergraduate Education
  3. Transforming Graduate Education
  4. Empowering Scholarship, Discovery, and Invention
  5. Connecting People and Ideas for Innovation
  6. Enhancing Financial Resources to Support Our Mission