Research and Faculty

What makes research at Tufts different? Research is at the heart of the engineering program at Tufts. The research community in the Tufts School of Engineering demonstrates a passion for innovation through integration of diverse ideas within a vibrant interdisciplinary environment. State-of-the-art collaborative laboratory facilities, world-renowned faculty members, and a highly collaborative environment result in rigorous and cutting-edge programs with the added flexibility for interdisciplinary initiatives afforded by the relatively small size coupled with the significant academic diversity of Tufts University. The School of Engineering strives for preeminence in its research and educational programs in five strategic areas:

Public and Environmental Safety

Tufts provides providing a safe and secure educational and working environment. Learn more about safety.

Textbook and Course Materials

The Adoption & Insights Portal (AIP) supports faculty as they select course materials by providing cost estimates and affordable textbook alternatives. Access the portal.