Dean's Lecture: Keith Moore

Engineering Dean's Lecture Series presents Keith Moore, VP of R&D for HP Labs, on October 18

Production 3D Printing: Transforming Art, Music, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Healthcare

We’re on the verge of a third industrial revolution: the revolution of digital manufacturing.

The first industrial revolution was driven by steam engines that transformed textiles and allowed factories to be located anywhere. The second industrial revolution was driven by the assembly line that enabled mass production and scale from iron ore at one end of a factory to cars coming out the other end. 3D printing brings distribution and digital manufacturing with scale and economics that rival injected molded plastics and metals.  

It is expected that 3D printing will disrupt traditional supply chains by reducing the need for warehouses through just-in-time manufacturing and reducing the waste inherent in subtractive manufacturing. In this talk, we’ll discuss additive manufacturing and, more importantly, the new applications enabled by the technology. These applications range from sculptures, to car parts, to dental implants, to surgical guides to personalized orthotics and even to new musical instruments.  

In addition, we’ll discuss the key missing ecosystem pieces, particularly around issues in design tools. This moment in time is the 3D equivalent to the 1980’s desktop publishing moment when programs like Word, Illustrator, WordPerfect, and Lotus 1-2-3 transformed the meaning of cut-and-paste and made it possible to produce documents without scissors and glue. The ability of 3D printing to produce parts without assembly is creating entirely new markets by changing the economics of manufacturing.

About Keith Moore

Keith Moore is an HP Fellow and Vice President of R&D at HP Labs. He has an extensive background in R&D as both an inventor (with over 35 patents) and as a line manager bringing inventions to market. His inventions ship in almost all HP LaserJets and commercial printing products. In his current role, he leads the Print Adjacencies and 3D Lab, where he and his team develop and research the underlying material science and microfluidics for HP’s polymer and metal 3D printing technologies. Prior to his current role, Moore was VP of R&D for all of HP’s LaserJet and Inkjet software (including drivers, management software, and third party solutions). His favorite part of being at HP Labs is the ability to see the future. His favorite part of being at HP is bringing that future to market.

Moore received his B.S. in electrical engineering from Tufts University (go Jumbos, E85) and his M.S. in computer science from Stanford University.