Tufts Gordon Institute

Tufts Gordon Institute (TGI) focuses on technology leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship—in classes, hands-on projects, and real-world experiences—to provide students the practical leadership tools necessary to develop innovative ideas that will make a difference in the world. Our graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as workshops and short courses, are taught by faculty who have excelled in industry, have started and run their own companies, and know what it takes to succeed in the business world.

Engineering Management (MS)

The MS in Engineering Management (MSEM), offered on-campus and online, allows students to maintain a work-life balance with a schedule tailored for working professionals. Strategically designed for forward-thinking tech professionals, the part-time MSEM provides students with the business, strategic, and leadership skills needed to advance their careers. And it works – more than half of our students are promoted before graduation. You’ll also benefit from personalized coaching and leadership mentoring to discover your unique management, communication, and interpersonal style. Unlike a purely technical master’s or MBA program, Tufts’ MSEM offers you the complete package for holistic growth and career development.

Innovation and Management (MS)

The MS in Innovation and Management (MSIM) is a full-time, accelerated master's program that prepares you to hit the ground running in as little as one year. Designed for recent STEM graduates, the MSIM program provides students with product innovation, marketing, finance and leadership skills. Whether you aspire to work in new product development, technology strategy, business or data analytics, product management, or even launch your own venture, the MSIM program prepares you to shape the world through innovation. Students interested in building technical depth in addition to their MSIM degree can choose to leverage the program’s flexibility to earn either a graduate certificate or a second master’s degree through our MSIM+ or Dual Degree programs.