Tufts Gordon Institute

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As Tufts University’s hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and management within the School of Engineering, Tufts Gordon Institute (TGI) provides students the practical leadership tools necessary to develop innovative ideas that will make a difference in the world. Our graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as workshops, short courses, and professional education opportunities, are taught by industry-expert faculty who have started and run their own companies, and know what it takes to succeed in the business world.

Engineering Management (MS)

The MS in Engineering Management (MSEM), offered online or as a hybrid of online and in-person experiences, is a modern part-time program that prepares leaders for the new world of work. Designed for forward-thinking professionals and built on over 30 years of success, the MSEM’s digital-first curriculum delivers relevant content and practical skills you need to thrive in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. And it works – more than half of our students are promoted before graduation. Customize your MSEM to fit your life, choosing the pace that works best with your schedule, lifestyle, and budget. Benefit from a highly personalized experience, including individualized leadership coaching. Supplement your online learning with optional in-person electives and weekend on-campus immersive experiences. Unlike a technical master’s or MBA program, Tufts’ MSEM offers you the complete package for holistic growth and career development.

Innovation & Management (MS)

The MS in Innovation & Management (MSIM) is a full-time, accelerated master's program that prepares you to hit the ground running in as little as one year. Designed for recent STEM graduates, the MSIM program provides students with product innovation, marketing, finance and leadership skills. Whether you aspire to work in new product development, technology strategy, business or data analytics, product management, or even launch your own venture, the MSIM program prepares you to shape the world through innovation. Students interested in building technical depth in addition to their MSIM degree can choose to leverage the program’s flexibility to earn either a graduate certificate or a second master’s degree through our MSIM+ or Dual Degree programs.

Technology Management & Leadership (MS)

If you currently work in or aspire to enter the dynamic tech sector, Tufts Gordon Institute's new MS in Technology Management & Leadership (MSTML) is designed to equip you with the skills and the growth mindset needed to manage technology and lead change. The MSTML delivers a foundational mindset and skillset in leadership and innovation with the opportunity to customize your curriculum through specialized pathways. Choose from pathways in product management, business analytics, computer or data science, or develop your own flexible pathway consisting of courses from across Tufts University. These new pathways combine flexibility with the opportunity to build an individualized program that meets your aspirations for a career within the tech sector.

Graduate Certificate in Technology Management & Leadership

If you currently work in or aspire to enter the dynamic tech sector, and are looking to earn an impactful credential in less time than a full degree, Tufts Gordon Institute's new Advanced Certificate in Technology Management & Leadership (CTML) can empower you with the skills and the growth mindset needed to manage technology and lead change. The CTML will help you develop the confidence to take the next step in your management and leadership career in the technology sector. Tufts Gordon Institute's Certificate in Technology Management & Leadership provides students with the same skills and growth mindset as our MS in Technology Management & Leadership (MSTML) in a shorter and more accessible program of study.

Undergraduate Minors

Tufts Gordon Institute offers a wide variety of academic and co-curricular programming for undergraduate students. From individual elective courses and in-depth minors to hands-on workshops and business plan competitions, these opportunities can foster your entrepreneurial spirit and build your leadership skills. Minor programs include: