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School of Engineering


The Tufts University School of Engineering offers a rigorous engineering education in a unique environment that blends the intellectual and technological resources of a world-class research university with the strengths of a top-ranked liberal arts college. Our size and educational philosophy support a distinctive sense of community, a diversity of perspectives, and a student-centric learning environment. 

Tuition scholarships, teaching scholarships, and research assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis to graduate admissions candidates. Prospective and current students should consult with the individual departments to obtain detailed policies regarding degree requirements and programs. Customized concentration options in a program may be arranged with an advisor.

Doctoral degrees require the fulfillment of the specific department requirements including the number of courses with grades of S (satisfactory) or at least a B-, as well as successful completion of the qualifying examination and doctoral dissertation.

Master's degrees require a minimum of 30 SHUs and the fulfillment of at least 10 courses with grades of S (satisfactory) or at least a B-.

Dual degree program

Develop your innovation, leadership and management skills and build your technical depth with our Dual Degree Master's Program. You’ll earn two degrees: an M.S. offered by one the six academic departments within the School of Engineering, and an M.S. Innovation & Management (MSIM). You earn both degrees in an accelerated timeframe and at a reduced cost. Tufts School of Engineering offers a wide range of M.S. programs and all qualify for the dual degree program. 

Tufts offers the following programs:


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