Kachanov publishes on micromechanics

In a recent book, Professor Mark Kachanov and a colleague addressed the study of micromechanics.
Professor Mark Kachanov
Professor Mark Kachanov of the Tufts University Department of Mechanical Engineering. Photo courtesy of Professor Kachanov.

Professor Mark Kachanov of the Tufts Department of Mechanical Engineering and co-author Professor Igor Sevostianov of New Mexico State University published a book, Micromechanics of Materials, with Applications (Springer Nature Publishers). The subject of micromechanics links engineering properties of materials (such as elasticity, fracture, conductivity) to their microstructure. The book is aimed at narrowing the gap between the two communities of mechanics and of materials science. The book has had about 6,000 downloads.

Kachanov is a well-known scientist in the fields of mechanics of solid materials, fracture, and micromechanics. His works have had 7,000 citations in scientific literature. He is a recipient of von Humboldt Research Award for senior scientists (Germany), Distinguished Fulbright Chair, and has had a number of visiting appointments at overseas universities. Five of his former students and postdocs have gone on to faculty positions at U.S. universities. He is an editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Engineering Science.