Graduate Engineering Teaching Training (GETT)

Postponed due to COVID-19

Future professors must not only be trained as productive researchers, but also as effective classroom teachers. The Graduate Engineering Teaching Training (GETT) is a three-part program designed to prepare doctoral students and post-docs for an academic career in teaching at the university level.

During Parts I and II, teaching fellows attend a series of workshops on teaching pedagogy. Toward the end of Part II, each GETT teaching fellow presents a sample lesson and receives feedback from fellow students and faculty. Part III is required of Tufts Engineering Teaching Fellows, and takes place during the summer, fall, or spring semesters when teaching fellows co-teach a course with a Tufts faculty member who serves as the GETT fellow's mentor throughout the program. Unlike the role of a Teaching Assistant (TA), a GETT teaching fellow (TF) is involved in designing, delivering, and evaluating a course.

Doctoral candidates from Engineering, as well as other Tufts schools and outside universities, participate in GETT. Having such a diverse cohort results in an interdisciplinary focus as a basis for all discussions.


GETT teaching fellows who are students from the School of Engineering receive:

  • Free tuition for the GETT program
  • $2,000 (taxable) stipend

GETT teaching fellows who are students from other professional schools are selected for participation by their respective schools, and tuition and payments are arranged by their schools.

For Doctoral Students

For Faculty Mentors