Research in automated reasoning

Professor and Department Chair Jeff Foster received an Amazon Research Award for his work in automated reasoning.
Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science Jeff Foster.

In addition to the popular online shopping service, Amazon funds research in a variety of disciplines that aligns with its mission to provide excellent customer service. Amazon research award winners receive one year of funding, as well as Amazon Web Credits which can be exchanged for access to Amazon artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. Submissions are separated into four categories – Amazon Web Services AI, automated reasoning, Prime Video, and sustainability – and winners are selected based on the quality of the science and potential impact for Amazon and for society as a whole.

Professor Jeff Foster, Chair of Tufts’ Department of Computer Science, recently received an Amazon Research Award for his project titled “Automated testing of external methods in Dafny.” One of 28 recipients in the automated reasoning category, Foster’s project provides a toolkit for automated testing of Dafny, a coding language developed by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

Foster earned his PhD in computer science from University of California, Berkely. Across his work, he develops fundamental new ways to make it easier to build more reliable, secure software. His research interests include programming languages, software engineering, and security.



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