Tufts in Talloires: Martin Majkut

This summer, three students from the Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts (BEST) program are studying in Talloires. Blogger Martin Majkut, E19, is looking forward to experiencing a new culture over six weeks in France.
A scenic vista in Talloires.
Photo courtesy of Martin Majkut

This summer, three students from the Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts (BEST) program are sharing their experiences from Tufts in Talloires, a six-week summer program that offers students a dynamic group of courses taught by Tufts faculty in Talloires, France. In addition to coursework, students have the opportunity to explore the unique Haute-Savoie region of France through a wide variety of optional outdoor activities, weekly hikes into the Alps, field trips, and organized events. 

By Martin Majkut

During the weeks leading up to my flight, I was not thinking about Tufts in Talloires. Rather, my focus was on the numerous deadlines that had piled up before exams, all of my final assignments and problem sets, and the state of the racecar I was helping to build for the Tufts Electric Racing Team. However, after all my assignments had been handed in, my exams were complete, and the last racing competition was over, the day of my flight (May 15) came along and my mom was still yelling at me to finish packing. Then, as I checked in at the airport, it finally hit me—I was going to France!

As I went through security and walked through the airport to find the correct gate, I could not stop thinking about the next six weeks. What should I expect of France? How will I survive not knowing any French? Does my host family have Wi-Fi? How will I handle not seeing my family again for two months? That last thought made me a little anxious. Thanks to the 175-page text I had to read and the occasional turbulence while traveling to Lisbon (which I think the pilot did on purpose to make sure all of the passengers had a “fun” flight), though, I forgot about all my worries and finally made it to Talloires, France the next day.

When I say Talloires is beautiful, that is simply an understatement. I could use words like “amazing,” “gorgeous,” or “breathtaking,” but none of the adjectives I have been able to come up with can do justice to the views I am so lucky to see (and neither do the pictures). I am beyond grateful to spend the next six weeks here. I hope to learn more, meet new people, experience a different culture, and see myself grow, all while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Martin Majkut is a rising junior from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, majoring in mechanical engineering.