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School of Engineering

Grad student wins continental fencing prize

Friday, January 18, 2019
Nationally ranked fencer and Tufts graduate student Peter Souders won a North American Cup title this fall.
Two photos of the same person side by side, one in fencing gear and one in regular clothes

This fall, mechanical engineering master's student Peter Souders won a North American Cup title in fencing, while continuing to complete his studies at Tufts.

Souders is currently ranked fifth in the United States. He was on USA Fencing’s Senior World Championship team in 2016, when the men’s saber team was ranked number one in the world. He went to Rio as a training partner for the 2016 Olympic team and is working toward a berth on the 2020 team.

At Tufts, Souders's master's research focuses on the biomechanics of how being a high-level fencer affects gait kinematics, or how fencing affects walking.