2023 Summer Scholars in Engineering

Six engineering students received Summer Scholars funding to work on independent undergraduate research projects at Tufts in 2023.

Each year, the Tufts Summer Scholars program funds rising juniors and seniors from across disciplines to pursue ten-week independent undergraduate research projects. Students within the program work with a mentor to prepare their work for a poster session in the fall. The program is administered by the Office of Scholar Development. A list of 2023 summer scholars who are majoring in the School of Engineering is provided below. Congratulations to all of this year's scholars!

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Audrey Dutcher, E25, will work with Research Assistant Professor
Giulia Guidetti to investigate Lepidoptera scales for bioinspired energy management systems.

Meg Radke, E24, will work with Stern Family Professor David Kaplan to study three dimensional silk vinyl sulfone-based hydrogel scaffolds for modeling the effects of tissue degradability and dynamic mechanics on cancer migration.

Sanjana Vissapragada, E24, will work with postdoctoral fellow Atul Sharma (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) to explore biomaterials for achieving tunable profiles for a wide range of therapeutics.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Drew Cohen, E25, will work with Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor
Aseema Mohanty to analyze mode superposition beam shaping for biomedical devices.

Hudson Ramirez, E25, will work with Associate Professor Timothy Atherton (Department of Physics) to study the morphological evolution of elliptical low-mass planetoids using shape optimization code.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ege Cogulu, E24, will work with postdoctoral researcher
Ruben Del Rio Ruiz (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) to explore ingestible mechatronic pills for gut microbiome sampling.