Equitable solutions for climate-resilient infrastructure

The second annual Tufts Symposium in Geotechnical Engineering focused on solutions to the ongoing threats of climate change and inequity in infrastructure.
Attendees at the second annual CEE symposium in geotechnical engineering.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering recently held its second annual Symposium in Geotechnical Engineering. With over 70 participants in attendance including students, faculty, government employees, and private sector engineers and contractors, this year’s theme was Climate-Resilient and Equitable Infrastructure.

Over the course of the day-long event held on the Tufts campus, participants heard from invited speakers from federal and state agencies, private industries, and academia. There was also a student poster session, a panel discussion, and networking opportunities for those in attendance.

The symposium was established with the goal of providing a multidisciplinary venue to showcase how the civil and geotechnical engineering community can effectively work with experts from other disciplines to ensure the resilience of the nation’s infrastructure in the face of climate change while integrating equity and justice considerations. Professionals from a variety of fields including geotechnical and civil engineering, physical and social sciences, emergency management, insurance and risk assessment, planning, and policymaking attended the symposium and contributed to ongoing dialogues about how to improve infrastructure’s resiliency.