Staff promotions in the School of Engineering

Tufts School of Engineering is pleased to congratulate eight recently-promoted full-time engineering staff members.
Top row from left to right: Teresa Aloi, Janel Blood, MaryAnn DiRamio, and Kim Ellwood. Bottom row from left to right: Ben Friedman, Matthew McWilliams, Jenny Mooney, and Sandie Schulenburg.
Top row from left to right: Teresa Aloi, Janel Blood, MaryAnn DiRamio, and Kim Ellwood. Bottom row from left to right: Ben Friedman, Matthew McWilliams, Jenny Mooney, and Sandie Schulenburg.

Staff members in the Tufts School of Engineering provide invaluable services across departments, centers, and offices within the school. This year, the School of Engineering (SOE) is pleased to congratulate dedicated staff members on the following promotions, in the first annual full-time SOE staff promotion announcement. 

Teresa Aloi, Program Administrator, Tufts Gordon Institute
Teresa Aloi was previously a program coordinator at Tufts Gordon Institute (TGI) and has been with Tufts since 2022. In her role, Teresa assists the operations team with program logistics and administration at TGI. She serves as the main point of contact for student questions and works to ensure student success.

Janel Blood, Executive Administrative Assistant, School of Engineering Dean’s Office
Janel Blood first joined Tufts University in 2011 as part of the Office of Alumni Relations before transitioning to the School of Engineering Dean’s Office. After some time away from Tufts, in 2017 she returned as the administrative assistant to the dean of the School of Engineering. Now executive administrative assistant to Dean Lee and to the School’s executive administrative dean, she manages scheduling, travel arrangements, expense reports, and more.

MaryAnn DiRamio, Senior Administrative Coordinator, Tufts Gordon Institute
MaryAnn DiRamio has been an indispensable part of the Tufts Gordon Institute (TGI) team since 2000. For the past 23 years, she has provided logistical support to staff, faculty, and students from TGI and the Entrepreneurship program. In 2017 she received a Tufts Distinction Award for proactively anticipating problems, building bridges across departments, instilling confidence that every detail will be taken care of, and leading from a position of service.
Kim Ellwood, Senior Program Coordinator, School of Engineering Graduate Programs Office
Kim Ellwood joined Tufts in 2012, first working as administrative assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In 2017 she transitioned to the role of graduate program coordinator for Professor Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Education for the School of Engineering. Ellwood uses her publishing and design background as well as her project management skills to provide administrative support for School of Engineering graduate programs. She won a Tufts Distinction Award in 2021.
Ben Friedman, Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist, Tufts Gordon Institute
Ben Friedman joined TGI as a content writer in 2022. Since then, he has held the role of marketing and communications specialist and supported TGI marketing campaigns and communication channels. He aims to build awareness of TGI programs and engage prospective students, admitted students, and alumni through the design and implementation of creative content.
Matthew McWilliams, Senior Programmer, Human-Robot Interaction Lab
Matthew McWilliams works in the Human Robot Interaction Lab at Tufts, which develops cutting-edge AI algorithms for the implementation of robots in practical settings and social-interaction contexts. McWilliams brings over a decade of experience as a software developer to his work creating immersive VR simulation environments for learning and research.
Jenny Mooney, Graduate Program Administrator, Department of Computer Science
Jenny Mooney joined Tufts in 2020 as a program coordinator for the Department of Computer Science. Her organization skills and dedicated student support quickly made her an essential resource for graduate students, faculty members, and staff colleagues in the Department of Computer Science.
Sandie Schulenburg, Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Computer Science
Sandie Schulenburg joined Tufts in 2019 and previously held the title of administrative assistant in the Department of Computer Science, where she organized and managed daily operations within the department, and compiled and sent monthly alumni newsletters. In her new role, she works closely with Jenny Mooney to support the needs of graduate students and graduate programs in the department.

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