Strengthening diversity in cybersecurity

Associate Teaching Professor Ming Chow helped recruit mentors and student mentees as a member of the MassCyberCenter’s Cybersecurity Mentorship Pilot Program steering committee.
Associate Teaching Professor Ming Chow

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker joined the 2020 Massachusetts Cybersecurity Forum to applaud the efforts of local cybersecurity experts to improve diversity in the field of cybersecurity. Ming Chow, Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Computer Science, was one of the experts to receive that recognition.

Chow served on the steering committee of the MassCyberCenter’s Cybersecurity Mentorship Pilot Program, a program which paired a diverse group of college students – the program encouraged Black, Latinx, and women students with a passion for cybersecurity, among others, to apply – from across the Commonwealth with mentors from the cybersecurity industry. The goal of the program is to increase diversity within the cybersecurity workforce in Massachusetts by fostering mentorship that helps students develop career paths, learn about the industry, and collaborate with experts on projects. The program culminated with students presenting their projects at a showcase event during the forum.

Chow and the pilot program steering committee played the vital role of recruiting mentors and student mentees. He and the committee also advised on mentorship techniques and developed career panels on cybersecurity careers that took place throughout Massachusetts Cybersecurity Month in October.

Other members of the committee included Gary Evee, Founder and CEO of Evee Security Consulting Group; Tasneem Nipplewala, Head Security Architect at MassMutual; and Lauren Jones, Massachusetts State Director of Apprenti.

Chow is one of Tufts School of Engineering’s leading experts in the fields of cybersecurity and engineering mentorship. His areas of interest are in web and mobile security and engineering. He teaches courses largely in the undergraduate curriculum, including Data Structures, Web Programming, Web Engineering, Music Apps on the iPad, Mobile Medical Devices and Apps, Senior Capstone Project, and Introduction to Computer Security.

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