Women in Tech (WiT) Conference

The fourth annual Tufts Women in Tech (WiT) Conference connected students with engaging workshops and career networking events.
Exterior of Halligan Hall

The Women in Computer Science (WiCS) student group hosted its fourth annual Women in Tech (WiT) Conference on September 19-20, 2020. Nearly 600 people registered for the two-day virtual event and early reports indicate that nearly 400 tuned in throughout the weekend.

In recognition of the fact that some people were unable to attend the conference due to Rosh Hashanah, WiCS also held four networking nights. Emily Tran, A21, said that despite being virtual, the WiT organizers received a surprising amount of sponsorships—which resulted in a large number of people who wanted to represent their companies at the virtual career fair. It got crowded! Not only were the networking nights instrumental in being able to include more students, they also provided a bonus opportunity for industry reps to be able to meet with additional Tufts folks.

Keynote speakers this year were Bela Labovitch and Julie Schoenfeld (E79). Labovitch is currently Vice President of Engineering at athenahealth. Schoenfeld works independently and describes herself as a “serial entrepreneur with a passion for identifying talent and assembling effective teams.”

In addition, there were over 25 sessions ranging in topics from “Communication with Power” to “How to Find a Work-Life Balance” to “Data Driven Decision Making in Politics.”

Congratulations to Emily Tran, A21 and Courtney Zang, E21 and the WiCS group for all of their efforts!

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