Overview (from Tufts Bulletin) In addition to completing the courses for the concentration requirement, an undergraduate Engineer may elect to enroll in a minor program in the College of Liberal Arts or the School of Engineering. All courses used in fulfillment of the minor program must be taken for a grade. No more than two courses used to fulfill a foundation or concentration requirement may be counted toward fulfillment of the minor.

Designating Your Minor A student enrolled in the School of Engineering may declare a minor using the Declaration or Change of Degree & Major or Minor form, available on the Registrar's Student Forms page. Write your choice of minor on the line provided. Then obtain your advisor's signature and submit the form to the Main Department Office for your first major in engineering.

Course Requirements To obtain a list of courses required for the minor, consult with the department offering the minor. In many cases a minor will require five courses, but this is not a universal rule.

Double Counting Credits No more than two of the courses used to fulfill a Foundation or Concentration requirement may be used to fulfill a minor requirement. There is no limit on the number of Introductory, HASS, or Free Elective credits that may be double counted toward the minor.

Engineering Management Minor As stated in the Engineering Management section of the Bulletin, EM 52, EM 153, and EM 54 are courses that can be used by engineering students to fulfill their Social Science distribution requirements. For some engineering majors, it is possible to count two additional EM courses toward the Foundation and Concentration Blocks. Any remaining course required for the EM major would typically be a Free Elective.

Multiple Minors Given that all major and minor requirements can be fulfilled, it is permissible for students registered in the School of Engineering to pursue more than one minor.

Options for the Minor:

Options Offered by the School of Engineering: Engineering students may pursue the following minors offered by the School of Engineering.

Options Offered by the College of Liberal Arts:
Engineering students may pursue the following minors offered by the College of Liberal Arts.