At Tufts, we provide the opportunity for academically talented, highly motivated adult students, with at least a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree (BS or BA) in any discipline with the appropriate mathematics and science background, to enhance their learning in our certificate programs.

Tufts' practice-oriented certificate programs consist of four or five graduate courses, primarily offered in the late afternoon or evening. Graduate courses are taught by award-winning, tenured professors in Tufts School of Engineering, as well as by industry professionals. The certificate credits equal roughly half of the credits for a master's degree, and many credits will transfer to our graduate programs. All of our certificate programs can be taken on a part-time basis.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the following certificate programs: 

Computer Engineering
In the certificate program in computer engineering, students gain foundational knowledge in connected systems, networking applications, and computer architecture.

Data Science
The School of Engineering offers a Certificate in Data Science, as well as on-campus and 100% online post-baccalaureate programs. These programs are jointly administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. Learn the tools, methods, and practices of data analysis that can be applied to future careers in industry or further graduate study.

Microwave and Wireless Engineering
Students pursuing the certificate program in microwave and wireless engineering learn engineering concepts that can be applied to cable, broadcast, television, medical, and other commercial uses.

Product Development and Design
The certificate program in product development and design provides students from all backgrounds with a toolkit to identify, examine, and address complex problems. Learn the fundamentals of iterative design, understand challenges from a multifaceted perspective, and build solutions that have impact.

Resources for certificate students: