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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Researchers from the School of Engineering and the School of Dental Medicine team up to create an artificial intelligence program that scans dental images and alerts clinicians to results that require follow up.

Olive Garst and Christopher Markus worked with hundreds of fellow volunteers to develop a cost-effective ventilator that could be produced quickly.

Associate Professor Mark Hempstead and colleagues proposed a new near-memory hardware/software solution that could provide significant memory energy savings.

On the 100th anniversary of the Band-Aid, Professor Sameer Sonkusale and the Nano Lab are working to make smart bandages that actively monitor and deliver precisely targeted treatments to chronic wounds.

people reviewing charts on a tablet

Tufts has been awarded an NSF grant to kickstart T-TRIPODS Institute, a university initiative focused on broadening data science methods and how they apply to diverse fields.

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