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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research areas and labs

Students working in lab

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is a growing interdisciplinary engineering department with a focus on research and education in a wide variety of sub-disciplines. The department gives students a unique perspective on how electrical and computer technology can be used to solve important human problems. With expert faculty, cutting-edge research, and innovative facilities, our students are given the opportunity and resources to make significant contributions to the field and become leaders in industry, government, and academia. In addition to our own expertise, other departments in the School of Engineering offer programs in distinctive specialties, including biotechnology, environmental health, hazardous materials management, product engineering, human factors, multimedia, and biomedical optics.

The Department conducts research in the following areas:

    Computer Architecture and Computer Systems

    Integrated Circuits and VLSI

    Electro-optical Materials and Renewable Energy

    Microfabrication, Nanotechnology, and Sensors

    Microwave and Wireless Engineering

    Control, Energy Systems, and Robotics

    Communications, Networks, and Information Theory

    Signal and Image Processing

    Biomedical Devices, Bio-MEMS, Circuits and Systems

    T-TRIPODS Institute