PhD candidate reviewing equipment

In an open, interdisciplinary environment that fosters innovation and collaboration, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the following doctoral programs:

We are a growing interdisciplinary department with a focus on research and education in a variety of sub-disciplines, ranging from advanced computer architectures to image and signal processing and nanoscale engineering. Faculty research areas include:

  • Control, energy systems, and robotics
  • Electro-optical materials and renewable energy
  • Integrated circuits and VLSI
  • Microfabrication, nanotechnology, and sensors
  • Networks and information theory
  • Signal and image processing

Tufts is a top-tier research institution conveniently located just five miles from Boston, a vibrant hub for technology and education. You will learn and receive close mentorship from our distinguished, expert faculty. Programs of study are highly individualized and consist of two main components: course work and independent research.

Tufts electrical and computer engineers go on to great things. Some are entrepreneurs, founding or working at start-ups. Others are pursuing careers at some of the world’s leading technology companies, like Google, Amazon Robotics, Fitbit, Nest, and Intel, or have used their engineering education in different industries altogether, going to work for Fidelity Investments and the New York Stock Exchange.